Thank you for your interest in the postage stamp manufacturing facility at Southern Colour Print. Some of the products that generate the most public interest in the Company are postage stamps, and this page is intended to illustrate a sample of the wide variety of styles available and to explain in a little more detail the versatility and innovation that is synonymous with the name of Southern Colour Print.

We manufacture postage stamps using two basic substrate adhesive types:

  • Water soluble gum (wet and stick)
  • Pressure sensitive gum (self adhesive)

Although the surface paper of both types is similar, the method of construction beyond this is quite different. In addition, a range of security coatings and formulae is available which are either an in-built component of the paper or are added at a later stage. For reasons of security, no further specifications of these products can be given.

Water Soluble Gum

Water soluble stamps are available in sheets or panes (as we refer to them) and in both miniature sheet and booklet formats. Southern Colour Print have a large library of perforating tool equipment from which clients can select a myriad of shapes and sizes for the postage stamp design of their choice. Alternatively, options are available to provide designs and finished artwork for clients who require this service to be provided for them and will co-ordinate suitable stamp shapes and sizes from the tooling library to suit the individual needs of the client.

Miniature Sheets

Miniature sheets are an area of expertise that allow more creativity and the use of unusual stamp shapes and combinations of stamp shapes. Embellishments like hot foiling, invisible or glow-in-the-dark ink, embossing and holographic application add interest and collectability. Southern Colour Print are leaders in supplying such products.

Stamp Booklets

Stamp booklets are another area of expertise at Southern Colour Print and provide answers to several marketing-related issues that face postal authorities today. Southern Colour Print's automated booklet line makes short work of large or small booklet orders and produces a handy alternative to sheeted stamps for end users.

Pressure Sensitive Stamps

Pressure sensitive stamps can be provided in any of the formats available in water soluble stamp manufacture including miniature sheets. However, the big advantage of these stamps is in the booklet and dispenser roll formats, where the end user requires multiple quantities of stamps to be available and when the use of franking or prepaid options are not appropriate.