One of New Zealand's highest quality commercial printers

As well as security printing, Southern Colour Print have long been recognised as one of New Zealand's highest quality commercial printers.

Commercial printing has been a part of our product mix from the start of the Company over 150 years ago, whereas our entry into security printing is a newer development commencing over 60 years ago.

Benefit to you the client

Many clients ask what benefit to them is the fact that we are accredited security printers. Our answer to this question is quite simple; to survive in the highly demanding security printing market, a printer must comply with not only the security environment required for manufacture but must also have vetted, reliable staff.

Couple this to a dedicated quality regime that ensures the manufacturing process is world class and the benefits become obvious.

Global destinations

In addition, the fact that we export direct to over thirty countries around the Asia-Pacific Rim, the African Continent, the Caribbean and the USA, also confirms that we are able to qualify with the world's best.

Print management contracts see products stored and controlled on behalf of our clients and despatched to over 700 global destinations, all from our Dunedin factory.

Commercial focus

Our commercial focus is on two basic product groups:

  • Professional, scientific, trade, and governmental publications
  • Stationery and promotional print (brochures, leaflets, calendars and point of sale)

Production Capabilities

Southern Colour Print's facilities are fully integrated and start with typography, design, pre-press and CTP plate generation. Production continues to printing, which is provided in digital printing or single and multiple colour offset printing. The ability to crease, kiss-cut and die-cut in-line is a major benefit to larger printing runs, performing finishing operations in a fraction of the time. Aqueous coating can also be applied in-line if required, providing an attractive finish as well as faster turn-around time. There are also many novelty and security features available, such as invisible and glow-in-the-dark ink.

Finishing Capabilities

A full finishing section sees a range of folding equipment, guillotines and a high speed stitching chain positioned to provide the fastest and most cost effective production path for your product. Ancillary equipment such as drilling, hole punching, die cutting, embossing, hot foiling and holographic application machinery is available for a range of embellishments.

Print Management

When it comes to print management and despatch, Southern Colour print has the storage facilities and packaging and labelling equipment to offer the end user the most efficient service possible. The Port of Otago is a well equipped and cost-effective departure point for large consignments and the city of Dunedin is well connected by air to all main international flight routes.