Non-Security Products

The products Southern Colour Print produces for the non-security market include publications, flyers, leaflets, brochures, posters, business cards and office stationery. Customers in this segment are mainly domestic clients from local and national government, education institutions, tourism and other commercial operations.

Security Products

The security market has a focus on postage stamps, immigration visas, examination papers, diplomas and certificates. We use a range of printing techniques that includes hot foiling, embossing, thermography and specialty security inks to create unique and secure products.


The Southern Colour Print Prepress environment works on Apple Macs using Adobe software and a PDF – workflow. If your job requires no modifications (other than imposition), supplying PDF files to the following specifications will ensure no additional file preparation costs are incurred:

  • 300ppi
  • 3mm bleed
  • Trim marks
  • Fonts embedded
  • CMYK
  • If spot colours are required, supply the correct PMS colour
  • Black body type needs to be 100% black only
  • All artwork should be set up at 100% final size required
  • PDFs from Microsoft Word and Publisher – please be aware there may be colour correction, image resolution or font problems with PDFs created from these applications.