If you are supplying us with prepress material, this is where you will find specifications on what is required to be supplied.

Digital File Prepress Specifications

Southern Colour Print operates a fully computerised prepress environment. We prefer digital files to be submitted as Mac format. The following is a guideline for submitting digital files for prepress production work to produce all general work (e.g. brochures, booklets, magazines, et cetera):

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Our file format of choice is high res PDF. Our page layout programof choice is InDesign. We also accept Macromedia Freehand and Adobe Illustrator files.

Any work produced in any Microsoft or other page layout programscan cause problems, so we prefer our clients not to submit work done in these formats.

Database specifications

When supplying database files for mailouts please supply Microsoft Excel or CSV files. It is important that they are set up in a way we can easily manipulate them to suit the needs of the job. If database cleaning is required to meet New Zealand Post Statement of Accuracy requirements, Southern Colour Print can provide this servive. Please contact estimates@scolour.co.nz Before supplying your Excel or CSV file to us please follow these guidelines and example:

• Please separate overseas addresses and New Zealand addresses into separate files.
• Make sure all addresses are complete.
• Ensure the postcode field contains only the postcode.
• Please sort all addresses by the postcode field.

Full Name, Postal Address, Postcode
Sean McMahon C/- Southern Colour Print 9054
1 Turakina Road
Dunedin 9054
New Zealand

If you have any questions or are unsure of our requirements, all file related questions can be discussed by calling Southern Colour Print and asking for Prepress or emailing prepress@scolour.co.nz

Acrobat specifications

Please produce high res PDFs using the press setting in Acrobat Distiller with crop marks and bleeds turned on. We do not require page information, targets or colour bars turned on.

Scanned images

Scanned images should be CMYK, Grayscale, or BMP saved as either a high resolution TIFF, EPS, PSD and JPEG. Please do not supply any images straight from the internet as these images are low resolution and will not reproduce well in quality.

Please be aware that if you supply any scans and/or links in RGB then there will be colouration changes when we convert to CMYK.

Generally, scanning resolution should be 1.5 - 2 times the screening resolution (e.g. for 300 lpi screening, 450 - 600 dpi scan resolution is highly recommended).

Please ensure bleed is included (3mm is preferred) with your scan and/or graphics supplied.

Always supply the original material, where possible, as a reference for colour matching on the press.


We prefer graphics supplied in InDesign, Photoshop (layered Photoshop files - please do not flatten), but Macromedia Freehand and Adobe Illustrator files are also acceptable.

Many other applications such as CorelDraw or Microsoft etc are problematic so please contact us to discuss your requirements.


We prefer to receive standard CD-ROMS and DVD disks. Files less than 30 megabytes can also be emailed to us.


Please use the "Package" function (in File menu in InDesign) to ensure that ALL relative information is supplied to us (e.g. fonts, links etc).

If the "Package" function is not available in the software that you are using then please include ALL fonts, links etc - this will ensure that there is no time delay. If we have to rework what you incorrectly supplied then there may be additional costs involved.

  • Southern Colour Print will use your fonts for your work only, and they will be deleted from our computers once your job is completed.
  • A correct final printout of your work is necessary. We use this to verify that what we receive on disk is what you intend us to use.
  • Please supply all digital work with crop marks to ensure that we produce your work in the correct size and to indicate borders (if any) are used.
  • Please ensure colours are correctly specified as process and/or spot.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Prepress Department, as your work will progress quickly and smoothly if any issues with files are dealt with before we receive your work rather than as we process it.

To download a PDF of these specifications, click here.

Supplied Plate Specifications

Because of the variety and complexity of the different types of work we handle, it is difficult to provide comprehensive details and specifications for supplied plates.

If you prefer to supply plates to us for printing, you will be provided with imposition details specific to your job upon acceptance of our written quotation. This information can be provided earlier upon request if required.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Digital Prepress Department prior to commencement ofyour job.
This will ensure your work will progress quickly and smoothly and will mean any problems are dealt with before we receive your work rather than as we process it.