Year                                Product                                                                                          Category
Highly Commended      1994 Scenic Stamp Issue                                                        Specialty Printing

Highly Commended       NZ Holographic Moonlanding Stamp Issue                       Innovation in Printing
Highly Commended       NZ Holographic Moonlanding Stamp Issue                       Security Printing
Gold Medal                    Four Seasons Scenic Stamp Issue                                        Security Printing

Highly Commended       DCC Proposed District Plan                                                   Innovation in Printing
Highly Commended       NZ Christmas 1995 Stamp Issue                                           Security Printing
Gold Medal                    Timeless Land Dust Cover                                                      4 Colour Sheetfed
Gold Medal                    Timeless Land Dust Cover                                                      Supreme Award

Gold Medal                   Malaysia Post Wildlife Minisheet                                        Security Printing
Gold Medal                   NZ Cinema Scratchie Stamp Issue                                         Security Printing

Highly Commended      Protected Wildlife of Malaysia Stamp Issue                      Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Health Stamp Dispenser Cartons                                          Packaging Sheetfed

Gold Medal                   Malaysia Petronas Towers Stamp Issue                              Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Tokelau Beetles Stamp Issue                                                Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Underwater World Setennant                                                Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Niue Birds Stamp Issue                                                           Security Printing

Highly Commended       NZ Scenic Definitive Cartons                                                 Paperboard Packaging
Highly Commended       NZ Yachting Issue                                                                    Security Printing
Highly Commended       Aoteoroa Millennium Stamp Issue                                      Security Printing
Gold Medal                    NZ Doris Lusk Art Issue                                                           Security Printing
Gold Medal                    Lord Howe Island Zemail Issue                                            Security Printing
Gold Medal                    Trinidad & Tobago Angustura Anniversary Day Issue       Security Printing

Highly Commended       Vanuatu Birds III Stamp Issue                                              Security Printing
Highly Commended       Ross Dependency Stamp Issue                                             Security Printing
Gold Medal                    Botswana Scenic Rivers Stamp Issue                                   Security Printing

Highly Commended       NZ Aircraft Stamp Issue                                                          Security Printing
Highly Commended       NZ Health – Cycling Stamp Issue                                          Security Printing
Highly Commended       Lord Howe Islands Palms Issue                                           Security Printing

Highly Commended      Native Fungi Stamp Issue                                                      Security Printing
Gold Medal                    Beijing – Kowloon Through Trains Sheetlets                     Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Art Meets Craft Limited Edition Minisheets                        Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Joy ‘n’ Caring Minisheets and Base Sheets                         Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Ross Dependency Stamp Issue                                              Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Ross Dependency Stamp Issue                                              Supreme Award Finalist

Highly Commended      South Africa 7th Definitive Stamp Issue                               Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Lord of the Rings - Return of the King Stamp Issue             Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Watawieh Yorlye – Personalised Base Sheets                    Security Printing

Highly Commended     Norfolk Island Sacred Kingfisher Stamp Issue                   Security Printing
Highly Commended     NZ Wearable Arts Stamp Issue                                              Security Printing
Highly Commended     NZ Garden Flowers Stamp Issue                                           Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Lord of the Rings – Forty Stamp Sheetlet                             Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Ecology of the Table Mountain                                             Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Pitcairn Bounty Stamp Issue                                                  Security Printing

Gold Medal                   Centenary of Albert Einstein Stamp Issue                           Security Printing

Highly Commended      60th Wedding Anniversary                                                     Security Printing

Highly Commended      Ross Dependency Gummed Issue                                        Security Printing
Gold Medal                   2007 Definitive 30c Stamp                                                       Security Printing
Gold Medal                   2007 Definitive Collector’s Sheet                                          Security Printing  

Highly Commended      2008 Matariki Miniature Sheet                                             Security Printing
Gold Medal                   2009 Fish and Game Miniature Sheet                                  Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Ships of Norfolk Island Stamp Issue                                    Security Printing
Gold Medal                   Norfolk Isles of Exile Stamp Issue                                        Security Printing

Highly Commended      Artwork in the Constitutional Court Stamp Issue              Business Print
Gold Medal                   Bush Birds of Norfolk Island Stamp Issue                          Business Print
Gold Medal                   PNG Pioneer Art 3 Stamp Issue                                              Business Print
Gold Medal                   Royal Navy Visitors Miniature Sheet                                    Business Print
Gold Medal                   Sculptures Stamp Issue                                                          Business Print