Welcome to Southern Colour Print

Southern Colour Print produces printed commercial and security products manufactured using offset sheet-fed equipment. This is due to reasons of quality and the fact that many of the products are completed with off-line finishing equipment and supplied in either flat sheet or booklet formats. Postage stamp dispenser rolls are the exception to this and are a relatively new initiative featuring a dedicated finishing and packing line.

Specialised Security Products

These include postage stamps in both water soluble and self adhesive formats. Stamps are supplied in flat sheets, miniature sheets, booklets and, in the case of self adhesive stamps, also in dispenser rolls. In addition to postage stamps, other security items such as entry visas, government printing requirements, examination papers, share certificates, share prospectuses and lottery tickets are also manufactured to very demanding criteria.

Commercial Printing

In addition to security printing, Southern Colour Print also manufactures a range of commercial products including packaging and labels, professional and trade publications together with some larger run promotional printing, stationery and commercial printing.

At Southern Colour Print the focus is on quality

For over 150 years the Company has been dedicated to only the highest quality of standards achievable. In fact, surviving in the exceptionally demanding security printing market for over 60 of those years is a clear indication of our ability to maintain those standards. The fact that we have won many awards in recent years, including twenty-six gold medals since 1993 (contributing to a total of forty-six awards overall) at the New Zealand Pride in Print Awards for the quality of our products, is a visible recognition of that achievement.